Our Story

In 2013, I went natural to save my thinning hair from the heat of flat irons and the glue of tracks. Going natural for me meant sew-ins and the occasional braids. However, I noticed even with those so-called protective styles, I still did not see much growth and my edges were gone. So in 2017, I decided to loc my hair. Through this experience I discovered that the butter and grease supposedly created for locs were too heavy and created buildup in my hair. Additionally, my hair still felt dry and dull.  So, I started making my own mix of essential oils and a daily hair spray. Soon everyone was asking, “what are you using on your hair?” That is when I started sharing it with my friends and family. Then in 2022, my grandson, Sire, was born. Due to a severe cradle cap he had no hair. We started applying my oil to his scalp and the cradle cap cleared up and his hair started to grow. That is when we decided it was time to share our special blend of essential oils with the world. Thus, we bring you

Sires Crown Natural Hair Essentials...

We hope it does for you and your family what it has done for ours!!